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The final consulting fee will be determined after the FREE consultation.

We provide a complete Satisfaction Guarantee for our Consulting Services!

Basic Evaluation and Consulting (including)

Solar Company and Installer evaluation and rating (many times these  are separate entities).

We do not rely on internet reviews

We check with Building Departments, BBB, Industry reputation,

Litigation, etc.

Solar proposal review and opinion
(This is not a legal review)

Approximate cost: $200


Complete Project Monitoring
Basic Plus:

Plans and specifications review
(We make sure the system design is optimum for your home)

Equipment review and analysis
(Unlike a car which is assembled and guaranteed by the manufacturer, a solar system is put together from parts and pieces from different sources, individual evaluation is essential).

Roofing preparation coordination
(This is a critical evaluation)

Installation timeline monitoring
(from design to permitting, all the way to having the system placed In-Service)

Approximate cost: $500


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