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Consulting and Project
Management Specialists

COST EFFECTIVE SOLAR....  If done right, Solar Energy for your home or business, is one of the best investments you could make. Save on electric bills, add value to your property, and help the planet.

Walton Solar Consulting


Expert Advice and Guidance

Installer Evaluation

Unbiased Proposal Review

Peace of Mind


How It Works

A thorough investigation and recommendation of at least two Solar Companies.

Proposal and equipment review with recommendations

Complete project management from start to placing the “System In Service”.

The initial consultation, on the phone or zoom, is free.


Purchasing the Best Solar System provides a good return on investment (ROI), excellent financial incentives, savings on electric utility bills, and an increased value of your home or business. Walton Solar Consulting will help you achieve this goal.

Return on Investment
Financial Incentives
Utility Bill Savings
Increased Home Value



At Walton Solar Consulting, we work exclusively for you, and strive to help you obtain the best energy efficient home at the most favorable price and financing.


Get to Know Us

At Walton Solar Consulting, we have specialized knowledge and extensive experiencein the solar industry. Our expertise enables us to offer comprehensive guidance andadvice on a broad spectrum of solar-related topics, encompassing system design, installation, financing, and maintenance.

The goal of every solar system buyer is to have a reliable source of electrical energy
that caters to their present needs and has some room for expansion in the future. This
expansion could include the use of electric vehicles, new appliances, an entertainment
center, or a spa/pool, among others.

By incorporating top-quality components and implementing a maintenance-free
installation, a solar system can provide a good return on investment and add significant
value to a home.

Once a system is installed, there are no second chances. It is crucial to get it right the
first time, right from the start.Walton Solar Consulting can help you achieve this goal.



Walton Solar Consulting can help negotiate, the best equipment for your home or business, the best proposal terms, and monitor the project from start to finish.

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